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In Home Euthanasia


This service is offered to pet parents in Bear Valley, Cummings Valley, Stallion Springs and Golden Hills. 

At Mountain View Veterinary, we understand that there is a deep bond shared between owners and their animal companions. That's why we offer in-home euthanasia services, allowing your pets to find peace in the comfort of their own home.

What you can expect from our euthanasia services is gentle, compassionate care for your companions in comfortable, familiar surroundings that help reduce stress and make your pets feel at peace while surrounded by loved ones. We also offer cremation services after your pet has passed. 

We believe in providing a gentle and respectful transition for your beloved animals. Our in-home euthanasia services offer a peaceful way to say farewell to your loyal companions.

Call/text us at (661) 528-9580 to schedule an appointment to help ensure that your beloved friends can move on peacefully.

Prices: House call $65, Euthanasia $250, Communal cremation (no ashes back) $80. Private cremation (ashes back with urn options) $205. Paw print $55 (must also have a cremation for this service)